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Closed and Open Source There are a lot of things that go into a practical and an efficient operating system; one of which consist of a closed and an open source. To understand the sources of an operating system, it is best to find out and figure out what closed and open source is. Closed and Open source can be a disadvantage or an advantage of software development and cost sharing. The initial step is to recognize what it means to have a closed or open system, and what components are needed and will make up the requirement for software or an application to function. With both closed and open sources functioning differently as to how the system is programmed and structured and how the system will function within a software application or program.
OPEN SOURCE Operating systems of an open source can be defined as free software developed by corporations or individuals to develop an alternate to not having to rely on any individual or one company to modify or change the software and maximize its used for the individuals or companies' advantages. Open source are typically free to use by each individual or companies to modify and changed without having to worry about the licensing and compliance to the original developer of the software being used. These are the advantages to an open source system. * Unlimited Community Support: With the public support, the alteration and transformation of the system is more frequently, more elaborating on time to develop a greater system and advance the code ("Open Source", n.d.). With the unlimited resources, it is simple to follow the revisions and updates that the community examines, debugs and operates the source code and will be successful in completing the modification to the software. * Customization: Having total control of the operating system enables the community to develop a sense of control to...

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