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Sir. Shahzaibe

Q 1. Do you think that the competition of Logitech with Microsoft is fair? Discuss.

ANS. Yes according to my opinion I think the competition of Logitech with Microsoft is fair because we all know that the Microsoft is market leader and it is also known king of the jungle or Logitech started by small company. In past, They were nothing in front of Microsoft but now Logitech focuses on his work and makes every variation of mouse imaginable and now serves different products like:

• Key – boards

• Gaming controllers

• PC speakers

• Headsets

• Cooling Pads etc.

Now, in PC mouse market, Logitech competes head – on with Microsoft. At first glance, it looks like an unfair contest. With more than $58 billion in sales, Microsoft is nearly 30 times bigger than $2.2 billion Logitech. But when it comes to mice and other peripherals, Logitech has a depth of focus and knowledge that no other company in the world including Microsoft can match.

Q 2. What can you say about the strength of Logitech?

ANS. Logitech has a depth of focus and knowledge that no other company in the world including Microsoft can match. It also introduces new technologies in the market in minimum times which become him popular in the market. Everyone has been amazed after seeing their technology. It is the main strength of Logitech to provide their customer the new technologies and make different products for their customers which was very helpful or innovative for them.

Q 3. Give any two types of customers that would prefer to buy Logitech mouse?

ANS. The two types of customers that would prefer to buy Logitech mouse is described below:

• Childrens

• Employees

Children prefer Logitech mouse for gaming purpose because it is a wireless device. This will very convenient for them. For employees, it is benefit able while presenting their presentation because it is freely moveable wireless device. It has many other features which was helpful for their customers in their practical life like scrolling etc.

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