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For many students making the decision to go to college is a very hard one. This decision becomes even more challenging for those of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLTB) community. What is an homosexual? Homosexuals are defined as people who are sexually attracted by other persons of the same sex. Most people may refer to them in words like "gays" or "gay people" as common terms instead of "homosexuals", whereas "lesbians" are only used to describe female homosexuals. These radical definitions of homosexuals already indicate that this minority group is evenly distributed throughout the entire society. Homosexuals can be both men and women. They exist in all classes, social groups, races, positions, and countries, regardless of their age or origin. Believe it or not but as far as historians can trace back the past, homosexuals have always been in existence, from Julius Caesar to Alexander the Great. How does a student know if he/she is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender? This is a question a lot of scientists want an answer to when concerning the GLBT community. Finding his/her identity is a good way to become stress free! After a student is able to find their identity, there is a greater chance him/her will become more comfortable with them self.
College is seen as a place for individuals to express themselves and figure out whom he/she is this becomes more challenging for students of the GLBT community. While the acceptance of GLBT individuals in society has increased, the issues they face are continuously increasing as well; especially on college campuses where students go expecting to find a home away from home. As a developing professional, I believe that it is influential for institutions to acknowledge the issues of this matter that exist among college students and develop ways to help all students. The foundation for such…...