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Operate a Two (Two Wheels Only)

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OPERATE A TWO (Two Wheels Only)
As I watch, the transparent sunbeams shining through the cloud as they make their way toward the ground. I can feel the oppressive heat in the air and witness the innocent water vaporizes. I think to myself, “This is perfect! Sun, Sun, and more Sun.” I climb aboard the giant beast Suzuki GsxR-1000 to make a final preparation for my journey. As I push the start button and the bike roaring to life, the power vibrates my seat at first and then settles into a soft rumble. I navigate my way through the clutch until I am in the right gear. I engage the throttle and hang on for a fun ride! As I put on the Icon lifejacket and tighten the thick black straps, I remind myself to stay calm and not to made stupid or impulsive decision during my journey. It’s easy to lose track of reality when I push myself off the limits. I need to remember to respect the other operators, the Mother Nature and myself before I take the roaring bike out on the road.
First, I always keep in mind that other drivers are not looking for me. Most people literally don’t see me, because they’re so used to looking for gigantic moving objects. It’s for this reason that so many sightless drivers just seem to pull out in front of me. When I’m out on the road, I always drive super defensively because I know that I’m practically invisible to everyone else. A single mistake can have my brain splattered all over the pavements.
Another problem I will counter, other than reckless fellow motorist, is the riders themselves. Too many accidents happen because the riders overestimate their skills. They try to take a fancy curve faster than they can lean their horde of iron or they charge into a traffic situation they just don’t know how to manage. Know your bike, and know what you can do with it. Give yourself time and space to sharpen your skills and become more comfortable.
The biggest problem for me is weather. Harsh road condition like ice, gravel and wetness are even more dangerous for a motorcyclist than automobile driver, because the bike rider only has two wheels. The stability is serious compromised in those situations and it is always best to avoid riding if possible, and if not proceed with extreme caution.
Of course this is not an exhaustive list of the danger that come with riding a bike, but it should put you well on your way to know some of the most dangerous elements. You will be fine as long as you remember to always wear a helmet, leather jacket and boots for maximum safety. Most important of all is to leave your ego at home or it will bring you a certain death.

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