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Operating Systems Comparison and Contrast

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An operating system, or OS, is a software program that enables the computer hardware to communicate and operate with the computer software. Without a computer operating system, a computer would be useless. As computers have progressed and developed so have the many different operating systems. We will talk about the different operating systems and how they compare and contrast as far as their security and memory management. The first operating system we will compare and contrast is Windows Vista and the security features it offers. Windows Vista is an upgrade to Microsoft Windows XP and Windows
2000. When it comes to security and Windows vista, Windows Vista can help protect your PC and the people that use it by providing safety and many security features. One feature includes
Bit Locker Drive Encryption. Bit Locker Drive Encryption is a security feature that provides data protection by encrypting all the data that is stored on the Windows Operating System. Windows
Vista also has Encrypting File system available which is similar to Bit Locker Drive Encryption except that it is for user level file and folder encryption. Drive Encryption is good if you have two users sharing the same computer. Another security feature for Windows Vista is Parental Controls. Parental Controls are to protect your children and for restricting them to certain areas of your computer. Parental
Controls help parents determine which games their children can play or which programs they can use even while they are away. Shadow Copy is also another feature. Shadow Copy creates copies of your files as you work so you can retrieve them in case you accidentally erase them.
Shawdow Copy is automatically turned on when using Windows Vista. User Account Control is a great feature because it prevents harmful software from making changes to your computer...

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