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Operating Systems Dependency on Penetration Testing

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Operating Systems Dependency on Penetration Testing

Michael S. Self
University of Maryland University College-Europe

Table of Contents

History and Purpose of Penetration Testing……………………….......................…..………….4
Techniques and Tools for Performing Penetration Testing………….………….……..…………5
Example of Penetration Test Process………………………………....………...…….………….6

This report will encompass penetration testing of operating systems. It first explains the evolution of penetration testing, and what purpose it serves. It then describes techniques and tools used to perform the tests. The report will conclude with an example of a penetration test.

Operating Systems Dependency on Penetration Testing
History and Purpose of Penetration Testing According to Pfleeger & Pfleeger 2011 in their book titled ‘Security in Computing’, penetration testing, or pentesting, is a technique used in computer security which an individual, or team of experts purposely tries to hack a computer system. Penetration started as a grey art that was often practiced in an unstructured and undisciplined manner by reformed or semi-reformed hackers. They used their own techniques and either their ‘home grown’ tools, or borrowed and traded ideas with associates. There was little reproducibility or consistency of results or reporting, and as a result the services were hard to integrate into a security program. As this practice evolved it became more structured and tools, techniques, and reporting became more standardized. This evolution was driven by papers, articles, and technical notes that were formally published and informally distributed. In the end a standardized methodology emerged that was largely based on the disciplined approach used by the most successful hackers....

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