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LDW -Unit 1 Review Exercise
8 points each

1. Explain the difference between operating system software, application software, and utility software.

• Operating system software is the programs that act as the central control program it is the gap between the system and the user. It acts as an intermediary between the applications and the hardware. Examples…..are task management, job management, memory management, and file management. It is the basis foundation for both utility and applications to run.
• Application software includes database programs, word processors and spreadsheets. It a system that is unable to run without the operating system and system utilities. Examples…are Microsoft Windows, DOS, Mac OSX, Unix and Linux. It a program that is dedicated to a single purpose and does not come as a basic requirement.
• Utility software performs actions for protecting, securing and storing information into the system. Examples…..are virus scanners, dish defragmenters, encryption utilities, and backup software. It runs maintenance to assure basic functions of a computer can run accordingly and these features are free.

2. Explain the concept of virtual memory and why it is needed.

It is a backup memory when RAM cannot store all of the information so the hard drive holds it temporarily.

3. What would be a possible cause of disk “thrashing”?

Trashing can be caused by running too many applications over your system.

4. How is the Windows registry organized?

Windows registry is organized in a hierarchical order.

5. How would you change mouse parameters like double-click speed?

You can use the control panel and access/manipulate the mouse parameters.

6. Why should you install updates for Windows XP?

You should install updates regular to keep your PC up to date which can help avoid any types of disasters such as…...