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Open source and closed source operating systems Dennys Bayona
Yevgeniy Tovshteyn
University Of Phoenix
Computer and Operating System Components
Date: 5-May-15

Closed-source operating systems are systems that are owned by an organisation and sold for a profit to its customers. The OS systems uses codes that are proprietary and kept secret to prevent its use by other identities. While open-source operating systems employs the use of code that is freely distributed to every other user thus available for everyone to use, besides can be used for commercial purposes without any problem. The two type of operating systems can be differentiated in respect to the following factors. 1. Bug Free and Source Availability
Closed Source Operating Systems don't reveal their source code; as a result the only people who can debug the source code are some of those who work in the company. The budget for the debugging is always limited. If there is a vulnerability in the code, it must be discovered by the company itself (Anderson, 2002); because there are a limited number of developers assigned to the project, it is possible that the vulnerability will go unnoticed.
Open Source systems, as the name indicate, make all their source code available to the public. Everyone who knows enough programming skills, and is willing to read the source code, can debug it. In fact, this makes the debuggers numerous and worldwide. They read the source and debug it for their own reasons: maybe to help the Open-Source community or to learn or even to make their own personalized version of the product; the possibilities are limitless. As the debugging process gets this much world-wide spread, the Open Source products become relatively bug free (Ahmad, 2001). 2. Price
Open-source operating systems such as Linux or FreeBSD do not cost anything, through some Linux companies, such as Red...

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