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Dismissal Meeting

Strategic Human Resource Management


Dr. Young

Brittney Ross

May 18,2014

Dismissal meetings are always difficult but most be done to benefit the company and the remaining employees. There are plenty of reasons that a company would have to layoff, it is my job to choose the employees that may not be the best fit for the company. How I view the dismissal procedure or layoffs involves making sure that the reason for dismissal is valid, I would create a written statement or documentation for the reason of dismissal, giving the employee appropriate notice of dismissal, and notifying important agencies if necessary (Kelin,2008). Dismissal usually occur for misconduct or poor performance previous steps would be required such as write up and verbal warnings, as well as the additional steps of investigation and providing and allowing proper documentation. It is important to follow policy and procedure to the T, to avoid potential injustice against the employee and to reduce the possibility of lawsuits in the future. Dismissals and layoffs is a difficult time for employees and the company. I would need to help mangers figure out ways to cope with negative emotions that accompany layoff could have.
I would propose three ways that a manager can cope with any negative emotions that may accompany an employee layoff. That would be communicate, Demonstrate continuing long-term interest in the careers of the survivors and last but not least Proactively address the negative effects of less staff but the same amount of work. Communication is key a lot of employees may be feeling angry, insecurity or survivor guilt allowing employees to feel this way and communicate their concerns is more productive. Employees want to know what will be happening to the company and themselves, especially whether they will they be laid off or not. The lack of communication…...

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