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Personal computer manufacturers in UK
This essay puts focus on two UK personal computer companies by comparing and contrasting their market in terms of market objectives, their key transformation processes used in their operations and their operations management theories/ concepts/ techniques underpinning their transformation processes. The two UK personal computer companies to be discussed are the Gateway-UK and the Hewlett- Parkered (HP) Company.

To start with, Gateway-UK is a UK computer manufacturer company which started in 1980s where by it operated for sometime but following a dot-com slump, the company pulled its operations from the UK being an adverse effect of past events. This was after it tried several strategies to return to profitability, including withdrawal from international markets, reduction in the number of retail stores and most significantly, entering the consumer electronics business.

However, amid widespread complaints about its reputedly poor customer service, none of these efforts was particularly successful from a financial standpoint, and Gateway continued to suffer major losses as well as market share in the PC business. The company has now returned back to UK and focus on the manufacture of personal computers to meet the needs of the medium sized business customers. It aims to differentiate itself by offering a firmly focused set of quality computer products.
As a result of…...

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