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One Girl Changed My Life
My childhood and adolescence were a joyous outpouring of energy, a ceaseless quest for expression, skill, and experience. School was only a background to the supreme delight of lessons in music, dance, and dramatics, and the thrill of sojourns in the country, theaters, concerts.
And books, big Braille books that came with me on streetcars, to the table, and to bed. Then one night at a high school dance, a remark, not intended for my ears, stabbed my youthful bliss: “That girl, what a pity she is blind.” Blind! That ugly word that implied everything dark, blank, rigid, and helpless. Quickly I turned and called out, Please don’t feel sorry for me, I’m having lots of fun. But the fun was not to last. With the advent of college, I was brought to grips with the problem of earning a living. Part-time teaching of piano and harmony and, upon graduation, occasional concerts and lectures, proved only partial sources of livelihood. In terms of time and effort involved, the financial remuneration was disheartening. This induced within me searing self-doubt and dark moods of despondency. Adding to my dismal sense of inadequacy was the repeated experience of seeing my sisters and friends go off to exciting dates. How grateful I was for my piano, where—through Chopin, Brahms, and Beethoven—I could mingle my longing and seething energy with theirs. And where I could dissolve my frustration in the beauty and grandeur of their conceptions. Then one day, I met a girl, a wonderful girl, an army nurse, whose faith and stability were to change my whole life. As our acquaintance ripened into friendship, she discerned, behind ashell of gaiety, my recurring plateaus of depression. She said, “Stop knocking on closed doors. Keep up your beautiful music. I know your opportunity will come. You’re trying too hard. Why don’t you relax, and have you ever tried…...

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...with external hazards, including storms, floods, and earthquakes. Also this includes vandalism, sabotage, and terrorism. Labor strikes and civil unrest. Risks are both internal and external to the organization. Risk management is the act of identifying and solving potential risks. A risk is defined as anything that has the potential to negatively affect a business or organization. Risk management is used by organizations and businesses to assess problems that either have or will occur. After the risks, the business or organization then takes steps to reduce the risk or eliminate it completely. Most good project manager, you should be able to identify the project risks before you begin a project. Identifying the project risks can determine how smoothly your project goes. Before starting a project, a project manager should take a look at risks that the project poses, so that he or she can plan how to intervene or solve those risks to the benefits of all of those involved. A good risk assessment is critical for a project's successful completion. A company's top leadership often may ask a project team supervisor to issue a monthly or quarterly risk and control self-assessment (RCSA) report. An RCSA helps senior leaders identify major controls and procedures as well as risks that may be considered high, medium and low. These risk rankings are based on loss expectations. A control is a set of instructions that a project coordinator......

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...28-Feb-11 Operations MBA - MBA in Operations … M.B.A. Today Preparing for your future... today • Home • Distance Learning • Professional Networking • Salaries • Careers • Schools by Location Pick a State ==>> Operations Management MBA Programs R e que st inform a tion from the top O nline and Ca m pus O pera tions Mana ge m e nt schools in the country. Specialized MBA Programs General MBA Programs Accounting Programs Finance Programs Health Care Management Programs Human Resource Programs Marketing Programs Project Management Programs Public Administration Programs Operations Management Programs Technology Management Programs Operations MBA Programs Le arn wha t typica l sala rie s a re for O pe ra tions Ma na gem e nt ca re ers a cross the state s. Typical Career Salaries for MBA graduates With a Global marketplace increasing levels of competition, organizations need to be fiercely efficient and effective in their efforts to gain their share of profits. Operations Manager career prospects appear relatively bright. How ever, growth for this occupation should only mimic growth in the careers the Operations Managers oversee. Operations Manager salaries are going to be seeing the greatest rise. Along with competition in other industries comes a need for the most competent and highly trained. A valuable Operations Manager is current with technological advancement as well as skilled in the area of creating successful......

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...Assignment (Production & Operations Management) Ratings: (7)|Views: 19,110|Likes: 218 Published by api-3708369 See more   Answer 1. (b) Planning Planning involves commitment of resources. Once committed the resources loose theflexibility of their redeployment and the navigational management becomes restricted. If planning based on incorrect premises or inadequate data has been followed up with development of infrastructure, procurement and installation of machinery contracting for services to build up the production system for proposed goods and services, there may be very few options to undo thosecommitments. The enterprise may run into a serious problem. Objective of Planning Planning should result into the following:-a.Identification of Product to be offered its design and distinctive features from the productsalready existing in the market. b.Selection of the Process and Technology to be used for production.c.Location and Layout of Plant and facilities where goods and services should be produced.d.Material Handling Equipment (MHE) to be used.e.Capacity of the Plan to be installed.f.Forecasting of demand or sales.g.Production planning to include procurement of material, sequencing of machine operations,scheduling of activities and outline organization/control systems.h.Logistics Details along with warehousing and distribution system. Basic Stage of Planning The entrepreneur plans to achieve the objectives of planning through two distinct stages:a.Strategic Planning to...

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...Thank you so much Mr.Nando. I apreciate you, using your time to talk to me and helping me out. I also wanted to tell you that I looked at the position paper, and I saw some Positions that I liked and thought it would help me. One of the positions was Opry Backstage Grill Ast. Manager-Restruant. I also saw Banquet Captain. My Resume is right down there. Please read it, and I hope you call me . Thank you for caring. 2725 WINDCREST TRAIL ANTIOCH (615) 509-5948 (615) 280-1120 BASSEMIBRAHIM@COMCAST.NET OBJECTIVE: SUMMARY: An interesting position with a GAYLORD OPRYLAND HOTEL Trained in all areas of (CULINARY-ACCOUNTING-RESTURANT MANAGEMENT-HOUSE KEEPING-FRONT OFFICE-SALES-PUBLIC RELATIONStrong training skills.(IN HOTEL AND RESTURANTS IN THE WORLD(PARIS-LONDON-US-TURKAY-ROMA-SPAIN-GERMANY-ATH ENA-CUPRES- EMPLOYMENT: 06/18/2009 to 02/25/2011 GAYLORD OPRYLAND HOTEL Cook NASHVILLE Prepared, seasoned and cooked soups, meats, vegetables, desserts and other foodstuffs. Executed daily operations Read menu to estimate food requirements and ordered food from supplier or procured food from storage. Wrote, designed and produced Adjusted thermostat controls to regulate temperature of ovens, broilers, grills, roasters and steam kettles. Measured and mixed ingredients according to recipe, using a variety of kitchen utensils and equipment, such as blenders, mixers, grinders, slicers and tenderizers. Baked, roasted, broiled and steamed meats, fish, vegetables and other......

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...significant to Operations Managers. Over recent years, a small number of key concepts have become very significant to Operations Managers. Four of these concepts are: Customer Care Kaizen Just-in-Time Total Quality Management Your task is to compare and contrast each of these four concepts, clearly describing each. Your work should help the reader to understand how each interrelates to the others and how, if properly applied, they will help any organisation to be a success. In order to understand the four concepts of customer care, kaizen, just-in-time and total quality management, there is a need to understand operations management and what this entails in the relationship between the four concepts and operations management. It is vital to the task to understand the meaning of each of the concepts in relation to operations management as well as to the business in which it is situated. Operations management is the area of business practice which is associated with the production of goods and services. It involves the responsibility of ensuring that business operations are efficient through the use of as little resources as possible and also that the customer requirements are met in and effective and efficient manner. According to Bartol et al (1998: p. 53), operations management Is the function, or field of expertise, that is primarily responsible for managing the production and delivery of an organisation’s products and services.’ The main use of......

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