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Operation Peacekeeper Case Study

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The two programs I chose are Operation Peacekeeper, which is a problem oriented policing program in Stockton, CA and the Gang Reduction Program (GRP) found in Richmond, VA. Both of these programs aim to reduce youth gang violence and gang crime. Operation Peace keeper also aims to reduce gang involvement, along with gang violence by conveying to young gang members, or those at risk of becoming gang members the severe and dire consequences of gang violence. Operation Peace keeper delivers its message through the use of youth outreach workers who are familiar with the streets and the challenges these youth face. Youth outreach workers serve as mentors and role models and make sure youth understand the consequences of gang activity and inform the youth that there are other positive routes in life versus gang involvement.
Operation Peacekeeper has reduced very positive results gun homicides decreased by 35% between 1997-2002. Prior to the intervention there were 2.9 gun homicides the monthly average then dropped to 1.9 during the intervention. After the peace keeper intervention ended there was a slight increase in gun homicides with the monthly average being 2.1, which was still a significant reduction. …show more content…
GRP was funded by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP). GRP collaborated with federal law enforcement agencies and members of the community to combat local gangs specifically African American gangs, Latin Kings, and MS-13. GRP tactics included using probation, law enforcement, social services, schools, and other services providers as intervention teams and street outreach workers. Some of the 2.5 million dollars invested in the GRP also went towards the creation of a gang unit, bike patrols, and increased foot patrols in target areas. Overall the GRP failed to produce any significant reduction in gang violence or gang

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