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Operational Research Models and Methods in CIM1
Abstract : Many models and methods of Operational Research can be adapted for industrial applications. In this chapter, we show on one hand the main problems of a manufacturing system and, on the other hand, how they can be ranged in a hierarchical order, derived from a CIM architecture (from the strategic decisions to the production constraints). Then, we present an Operational Research tool for solving each of these problems.

1 Introduction
Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) are nowadays installed in the mechanical industry, especially in car factories. However, the market constraints impose to always improve the production system and the whole production organization. The concepts developed by Taylor and applied at the beginning by Ford are progressively abandoned and replaced by the Just-In-Time concept and the Computer Integrated Manufacturing philosophy (CIM). One of the aims of the CIM philosophy is to provide an integrated information system which avoids the rigid separations between the different functionalities of a complete production system. With such integrated information systems, the loss of time on one hand between the customer order and the part delivery, on the other hand between the product design and its manufacture will be drastically reduced. To understand the complete production system, it is relatively easy to find in the scientific literature excellent general books explaining the different aspects of the Production and Operations Management (POM) ([1], [2], [3], [4], [5]). It is more difficult to discover a writing dedicated to use of Operational Research (OR) models and methods in the industrial context [6]. And it is quite impossible to find a book which offers a good balance between POM and OR … In this chapter, we will show how a CIM architecture can be partially decomposed along two…...

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