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Dell has been a Web2.0 technology pioneer in the computer manufacturer industry. Dell spreads their activities over multiple platforms. Here are the core platforms that Dell uses. Dell’s IdeaStorm, Direct2Dell, StudioDell.
IdeaStorm is a Dell’s platform where Dell can listen to customer’s idea of Dell’s products. It’s just a 4 easy steps to submit ideas. View, post, vote and see the results. Other visitors have the ability to vote for the ideas they would most like to see Dell produce. For Dell, this site has been a priceless source of innovation and customer feedback.
Diret2Dell is Dell’s official corporate blog. Not only the Dell employers can post articles on the blog, the customers and visitors can also do that. You could also post different languages on the blog. English, Chinese and Spanish. Basically, any topics related to Dell’s product, you could post on the blog. Also, the blog has a variety of different functions that made it easy to use. Customers could email the blog, share the blog the Facebook and put comments to the author.
StudioDell is a platform that people share videos on it. Customers could upload videos about Dell products and services. Videos for different categories. Main purpose is for customers to watch, learn and share.
In 2007, Dell actually uses these platforms to help the company to put out fires. In 2007, Dell computers started getting reports of laptops exploding in flames. That’s really a bad news for Dell. How did dell response? Dell’s computer digital media manager posted a video from Osaka, Japan, of a Dell machine bursting into flames at a conference on the company bloggers. This is a pretty risky action to do. After posting the video, the blog became Dell’s prime tool to communicate what it was doing, how it would handle recalls and what it knew about the problems almost as soon as the executive team managing the…...

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