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Operations Management Final Paper

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Operations Management
Institution Operations Management
There are various factors that affect the success or failure level of a business organization. The factors could either be internal or external for instance capital and other resources, market and customer base, location, expertise, political, social, economic, competitive and technological factors among others. The location of a business organization is particularly an essential consideration that affects a business on a long-term basis. Choosing the location of a business requires effective planning and research in order to have a grasp of the demographics, competition, the supply chain and laws and regulations involved. Consideration of location when setting up a business avoids making poor decisions which are hard and expensive to overcome. The location of a business also determines the price paid for goodwill.
Thesis statement;
This piece of paper gives an in depth discussion of the concept of location of a new business facility and its impacts. The factors that influence the decision about the location of a business organization will be highlighted.
The paper is a case study type. I am a worker at General Mills and am charged with the responsibility of spearheading the location decision for a new manufacturing plant for the company. The facility will be involved with making of basic corn flakes, which is a cereal mostly used for breakfast. This is an expansion step for the main organization. For this reason, I am expected to prepare a paper that discusses the factors that will fuel the location decision process. Some of the factors that will be discussed in this paper include; the accessibility and cost of corn and other raw materials, transportation cost for the raw materials, accessibility and cost of utilities, access to transport, cost of transporting finished products as well as local...

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