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Nowadays, our country is facing a lot of problems. One of the basic but also one of the most bothering is the traffic problem in cities. It is a basic problem compared to other economic problem but a long time unsolved one. If this problem won’t be solved a lot of people would be affected, therefore, authorities and even ordinary people must think of a solutions for this problem.

Before we discuss the possible solutions regarding the traffic problem, let us know first the reasons or the causes of this problem. The main reason of this is the large number of vehicles on the road. Nowadays, due to the development of the world people can now afford to buy their own car and other kinds of vehicles and because of this, traffic is now bumper to bumper. This problem is indeed bothering for it causes a lot of inconvenience to different kind of people: students, working people and even ordinary ones. In fact, there are people who get stuck on traffic for about several hours, and this is indeed a problem especially to those busy people who were always running for their time. Another cause of traffic is unfollowing road rules such as NO U-TURN, NO JAYWALKING, NO PARKING, etc. these are just some road rules which are mostly unfollowed. It is part of reality that there are people who were really undisciplined and disobeying rules. Due to these kind people, traffic is getting bigger and bigger. Another cause of traffic is the road accident. There are drivers who were driving recklessly and there is also driving drunk. Because of these drivers who were unfollowing rules, accidents happen which causes road disturbances and leads to traffic.

Mentioned above were some of the causes of road traffic. Now, let us discuss the possible solutions of these. “Encouraging people to use public transport is the best way to solve traffic problems in the city”. I agree with this statement, because as we can see and based on my observation, a lot of people were now into private vehicles and so many vehicles on the road is the main reason behind a heavy traffic. Therefore, the solution would be a big help because this can minimize the number of vehicles on the road and can reduce traffic problems. Another solution that I could suggest is to encourage people to be more disciplined and responsible enough in following rules. Government must also be stricter in law enforcement regarding this problem. As stated earlier, one cause of traffic is unfollowing rules therefore, if the government would be

Self-discipline will always be a key for a peaceful and united country. We must learn to practice this in our daily lives in order for us to attain a peaceful place. This may also help us to reduce some of the problems in our country.







As a student, I know how it feels to be inside a library and honestly speaking, it was so boring there. That is how students feel whenever they are inside a library nowadays. One reason behind this is that, we are now in time wherein technologies were all over us, almost all were using this different products of

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