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Opinions on the Move to Open Classes from June to September

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Chapter 1

The Problem and Its Background

Introduction Changes are permanent thing on earth. Are the people is ready enough to accept the changes on the educational system? The current opening of classes here in the Philippines usually starts from June to March but our lawmakers want to amend the opening of classes. The existing school calendar which spans from June to March is often disrupted as destructive typhoons plague the region during the rainy season that’s why our lawmakers decided to move the opening of classes from September through May to avoid numerous class suspensions and serve to protect the students during strong typhoons. The Department of Education said that it is open to the proposal by some sectors, including lawmakers to move the opening of classes but they want to ensure the comfort of the students in school and stresses the need for a comprehensive study. While the Department of Education is open on the proposal, some did not welcome this idea. An initial survey on the matter conducted way back in 2009. On the respondents, 66 percent were against the move while 34 percent were in favor. [1] Also, another ground for rejecting the proposal is the traditions celebrated during summer and being not conducive in learning because of hot weather during March. The delay in suspension of classes is one of the reasons why our lawmakers and other sectors in the community urge to move the classes from June to September. Unexpected suspension of classes is hard on the part of students because they have to deal with floods, lack of transportations and diseases. Numerous class suspensions also cause irregularity of school days due to rains and floods, horrendous difficulties to and from school and danger to life from open drains and excavations. One of the thrusts of the Department of Education together with...

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