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Proposed Tourism Development in: _______Intramuros______
TM09306: Tourism Planning and Development
__________________________________________________________________Final Report

A historical place called Intramuros that is once a center for government religion and military superiority during the Spanish era, During the time it was called a walled city because of the tall walls that covered all over the place. But during the 2nd World War it was heavily damage due to bombings and also, the Japanese used it for their prison barracks.

This paper shows the profile of the case study area which consist of Geographic Characteristics, Socio-economic, and Political profile. This explains the current status of Intramuros in terms of population, environmental quality, economic condition, and the educational institutions in the area. Political profile is one of the most important factors to consider since the government is the one who gives financial support to accomplish certain projects or plans.

The city of Intramuros has many things to offer. Even if it is not blessed with natural and archeological resources, the “walled city” is rich in history and culture that plays a major role in preserving our heritage and national identity since, it is easily overlooked by many Filipinos.

In order to know the strategies that we are going to utilize and to come up with our group’s goal and mission, we use Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis. It turned out to that opportunity in Intramuros outnumbered the other three components of SWOT Analysis which is strengths, weaknesses, and threats. This implies that the future of Intramuros can be as good as we never imagined however, it requires long term maintenance of responsibility by the residents, tourists, and the government.

Our proposed development is

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