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Opportunities surround us on a day-to-day basis; however, the challenge occurs in the capturing and implementation of the opportunity. In order to capture the reward of significant opportunities, one must be willing to advocate on behalf of the cause and benefits along with the acceptance of risk factors that may and will incur during the process journey. As with any other factors in life, opportunity pose its pros and cons. According to South University (2013), pros consist of choosing the work you like to do which produces higher job satisfaction; each day is filled with new opportunities to challenge your abilities, skills, and determination; and entrepreneurs can schedule their work hours around other commitments, including spending quality time with loved ones. On the other hand, there are cons associated with the opportunities such as, staying competitive is critical and you will need to differentiate your business from other like yours in order to build a solid customer base and be profitable; the loneliness and scariness of being completely responsible for the success or failure of the business opportunity; the security of a regular paycheck; and the unpredictability of a set work schedule. Kaplan and Warren (2013) stated that a business model is the way a company applies knowledge to capture value (p.57). This statement confirms and reiterates a finding in the research of Maharshi, Arora, and Chaturvedi (2013), values are of utmost importance in the global market and persons with such value orientation, who, through example of dedicated hard work in a spirit of service, can change the attitude of the people they manage towards work, and towards each other to ensure quality of life and of work life (p.74) are individuals that grasp opportunities with the perspective of changing the conception, perception, and stagnant formalities of operational...

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