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I would like to choose two distinct managers from two different eras who changed the perspective of the management field. As I am very passionate to learn management theory and practices, I am keen to take this opportunity of going on a long trip with two management gurus from two different eras i.e. the past and present. I am confident that the discussion will be interesting and would teach different management skills, effective solutions being applied for the past and current management problems, and future threats to the management field. This would encourage me to achieve my future business goals. I am keen to acquire knowledge of the past and present management practices; how the management evolved; how it helped in nurturing society’s basic needs; how to predict the management challenges in coming years.

The first person would be the mythological figure lord Rama from the classical era of Ramayana. He was a selfless and compassionate leader and provided a concrete vision to his subordinates. Rama and his army courageously defeated powerful Ravana and rescued Sita. Ravana’s army was more powerful, than Rama’s army, and then also Rama believed in his soldiers and motivated his troop to continue the unequal fight, and win against Ravana. It is clear that a good manager is the one who believes in his workforce and respect their skills. From Lord Rama, Maintain resolve during crisis and take proactive steps to meet challenges. I believe that today's business world can benefit a lot from lord Rama’s leadership skills. Thus, I want to learn his secrets to stand courageously in great adversity. I also want to learn the lessons to be a excellent leader from Lord Rama.

The second person would be the famous American management consultant, Peter Drucker. Peter Drucker was the inventor of the concept known as "management by objective" and developed the modern

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