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Opposition In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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The Reasons Lead the Opposition in this Society In this novel, Anthem, by Ayn Rand, the author decided a society of a Utopia, People in this society live with one idea which is “ we are one in all and all in one. there are no men, but only the great WE, one, indivisible forever.” (Rand 19), that is, the words cut in the marble of the portals of the Palace of the World Council, the Government of this world. In general, people in this society do not think there is an difference between he or she and everyone else, they do not do things alone, they do not stay alone, they do not even think individually, they feel shame because of they have the difference on their likeness.This is a ridiculous and mad society and, because of the law,no one noticed that. People habitually and blindly follow the rules made by the autocracy government and do not have any doubt. The strong lack of thinking individually among the people lead the situation that no one really has the idea of opposition. There is no “I” in this society. In the beginning of this novel, most readers are confused …show more content…
The only thing people are able to do is obedience without any conditions. “we raised our right arm and we spoke, and our voice was the clearest, the steadiest voice in the hall that day, and we said : ‘The will of our brothers be done.’ And we looked straight into the eyes of the council, but their eyes were as coli blue glass buttons.” (Rand 26) In this quotation, the council represents the government, or the leadership. they do not care what is a future of a citizen and is it suitable for one, as long as they are still running the government. put everyone in an unsuitable position, can be another solution to keep all the citizen under control. People do not have the freedom and autonomous right,as a result, people cannot

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