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Communication at Pleasant View Lodge
There are many different ways communication is handled in companies. The nature of my employment is that I am a qualified medication aide-short for a Q.M.A. A qualified medication aide (Q.M.A.) administers non-injectable medications, assist in care of residents, crush medication to be administered, apply topical treatments, and deliver medication in a timely manner. All patients are under the supervision of a registered nurse. A qualified medication aide is required to remain educated on medications, the drug class of medications, and to know the dangers of combining certain medications. They should remain CPR certified and know what to do upon an overdose.
Every employer has a chain of command that they follow for instructions on what to do next. The chain of command in an assisted living workplace is very simple. I will start from top to bottom on the command chart. The administrator is the head over everyone employed at the facility. Next, the administrator is director of social services, dietary director, director of nursing, activity director, maintenance director, housekeeping/laundry, business office, and admissions. The director dietary is over the kitchen employees which are the cooks and dietary aides. They refer all their questions and concerns to the director of dietary.
The activity director is the person who does activities with all the alert and oriented residents. The activity aide usually leads most of those activities and the director of activities fills in when he/she is off work. The maintenance director is over the maintenance staff for all the fixing around the facility. Housekeeping/Laundry is over the housekeeping/laundry staff and they are responsible for linens being clean and the residents personal clothing being washed. The business office is in charge of the human resources and...

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