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Oprah Winfrey: An Inspiring Leader Of Today
Rhonda Whiteman
Central Methodist University

A black female born in the Deep South to poor unwed parents, during the mid 1950’s, Oprah Gail Winfrey had very little chance of becoming one of importance, much less becoming the first black female billionaire in the world.
This paper will explain Oprah’s difficult childhood and continue on into her adult life explaining how she succeeds not by chance, but through perseverance, generosity, and inner strength, she wears her heart on her sleeve and has the ability to listen to her public in a way that no other has achieved. She inspires hope and inspiration to millions by sharing her imperfections of just being Oprah, overcoming diversity, proving to her faithful audience that anyone’s dream of success can truly become a reality.

Life for Oprah Gail Winfrey started out January 29, 1954 in a small poor town deep in the south of Kosciusko, Mississippi. An unwed mother named Vernita, informed Oprah’s father about the conception after she was born. Vernita realized that she could not make a living for her and her young daughter, so the decision was made to leave Oprah with her paternal grandmother, while Vernita moved to Milwaukee. Oprah was a very bright child learning to read by the age of three, and appeared in front of her first audience for her church Easter program. Oprah at a young age, moved to Milwaukee to return to her mother, where she soon realized that she was miserable at the thought of being poor. Vernita could not handle an unruly Oprah and decided that she should live with her father Vernon and stepmother who attended church regularly and held a strict hand. Oprah was sent to Nashville in 1962, where she thrived in school and discovered any opportunity to enter into…...