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Ops/571 Process Designs and Supply Chains

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Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing The Riordan Manufacturing plant in Hangzhou, China operates its manufacturing unit to prepare the electric fan to provide the worldwide supply based on the production forecast sales extrapolated using the theory of moving averages for last three years. This paper includes an analysis of the material requirement planning, existing process design, application of supply-chain concepts including any available global opportunities. Additionally, this paper will include a production forecast and as well as an implementation plan for lean production and a just-in-time system to optimize the profit at Riordan and improve customer satisfaction with timely delivery of orders with appropriate inventory management system.
Material Requirement Planning The material requirement planning of Riordan manufacturing is designed to supply the required material for creating the parts of electric fan in order to produce the components at each phase of assembly line production. The receiving department collects the raw material, which is processed in the molding department to make it suitable for generating parts of the fan after being polished and trimmed in the trimming department. These parts are further processed in the assembly department to make larger components such as fan blades or fan housings. The packaging departments puts each parts of the fan in right package with adequate labeling so that it can be delivered to distribution center through shipping department (University of Phoenix, 2004). There are waste by-products from above mentioned departments, which increase the cost of the finished product in the form of the electric fan. The leftover materials are used for creating customized products but it is not sufficient to minimize the inventory loss. Another drawback in the present system is the gap between...

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