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Optimisim Bias

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Optimism Bias Optimism bias is a bias that causes a person to believe, that they are less of risk facing a negative event compares to others. Optimism bias also make a person believe, that they are at less risk than others to be a crime victim. Optimism bias leads us to the point where we put ourselves ate more risk, because of not taking precautionary measures for safety. According to Tale Sharot a cognitive Neuroscientist article “are we born to be optimistic, rather than realistic?’ I am agree with her statement, because we are responsible of actions. There is always someone who is ahead of us in any aspect of life. We have no right to underestimate others, because in reality we all have same risk to face any negative event in our life. I smoke cigarettes, I cannot say that I have less risk of cancer than others. “People expect to complete personal project in less time than it actually takes to complete them” (Buehler, Griffin& Ross) (1994). That is another great statement about optimism bias. In fact sometime we overconfident ourselves, by not accepting the fact. These days college semester is almost coming to an end. For example if I need to finish my class project, and I am thinking I will be able to finish it fast. Guess what when I get to the computer lab, and computer lab is full with students. Due to heavy students load in the computer lab, computers are running very slow. Now, I am spending more time for my class project, because of being optimistic. Another article by (Allan N Schwartz PHD) “Logic and traffic accident statistics make it clear that, in point of fact, riding motor cycles is quite dangerous. Yet, a hard core number of people ride motor cycles”. Author is trying to make a point how motorcyclists ride without helmets. They are putting their selves in more danger, but being optimistic completely ignoring the safety. Also the way motorcyclists ride on the roads, they assume that other road share will make the room for them. On the hand they think that they own the road. So what we would really like to do, is we would like to protect ourselves from the dangers of optimism, and I believe there's a way for us to do that. The key here really is knowledge. We're not born with an innate understanding of our biases. These have to be identified by scientific investigation and knowledge.

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