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Semester1, 2012
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What is a case study?
A report presenting an analysis of problems and issues facing a particular company, with recommendations of a plan of action and justification of that plan
What is the purpose of a case study?
To persuade audience that the recommendations are feasible, desirable and the best ones available
Who commissions one?
A client, or a firm‟s senior management who are seeking a way forward

understanding of case study approach clarification of directive words used in assignment tasks model of how to deconstruct process of writing a case study understanding of logical flow required in analysis of a case and indication of content relating to each section of report report structure analysis of language structures & cohesion models of integration of sources and referencing

Directives tell you what to do with content and are closely associated with purpose of different sections in case study report.
Importance of understanding precise meanings of key directives to meet task requirements. (Communication Skills Guide p22)




A. Present an informed

assessment of something to judge how important/valuable it is
B. Break down into main parts/important features. Discuss each &how they relate to each other

• Evaluate firm‟s current situation (macro & micro)

What‟s happening & why? C. Give the „why‟ and / or „how‟ with clarifying cause and effect reasons from the case

D. Give reasons with supporting

• Identify problems & opportunities


What does this mean now/in future? • Identify relevant concepts & theories to explain the above problem & opportunities

• Interpret implications of these problems &...

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