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Oracle Backup

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Oracle Backup There are two type of back
• Cold backup (Offline)
• Hot Backup (Export)

Cold backup Procedure

Setup 1. Copy backup from Source
Check the Oracle version & Path Open Comd Prompt and typecomd Tnsping [database_name]
Then type Sqlplus Type username /password @ DB name as sysdba Check the How many DB install on system
Click on Start Button and type services.msc and press enter this screen display
Press O and search Oracleservice[DB name]

Stop the service

Now press the stop button on the left side Now go to your Oracle home directory and open it . Go to DB directory and Copy the Folder and past to the backup path

After finish the copy then start service of “Orlaceservice[DB Name] Your cold/hard back Complete.
Restore the Backup (On Same Version and installation Path)
Step 2. Create New DB Click Start Button and type dbca and press next Select Create Database and Press Next Select General Purpose and Press Next Type Globaldatabase and SID and Press Next Uncheck Configure the database with Enterprise Manager Enter the Password for Sys and System and press Next

Select File System and Press Next Select Use Common Location for all database and click Browser

Select the Path and Press Ok and then Next Uncheck Specify Flash Recovery Area Press next on simple Schemas Press Next

Press Finish Press Ok

Press Finish Database Creation Start

Step 3 Stop the Oracle Service
Now Open Services and select the OracleService[Database name]
Now press stop
Step 4 Copy the data
Then open the backup path and copy the backup source
Open your DB location Path and paste it
Step 5 Start the Oracle Services
Again start Button type services.msc in run and press Enter
Press O and select “Oracleservice[DB name]”

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