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Oracle's Hostile

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Carin Coburn Learning Organizations & Effectiveness Bus 625 Learning Organization Analysis Dr. Kelly Bruning Week 6 Project number 6 5-20-2012

Learning Organization Analysis
This class has taught me a lot about learning organizations. My organization still has a lot to learn about becoming a learning organization. I have learned that there are different kinds of culture and model behavior. I thought that I could share my knowledge with my associates on how they should be working and applying themselves. Some of them brush me off like they were not interested in my advice. I am the transportation coordinator at this nursing facility and have been having communication issues with the nursing staff about having the residents ready. It Seems that this issues is not that important to them unless the supervisor starts to question why the resident is not on time for their doctors’ appointment. I finally realize that I had to change my mind set and work smarter and not become so upset about the situation. I consider this a learning experience for me to grow wiser and cover myself. I started documenting every little thing that I do. These types of decision help me to evaluate every situation within the company. The article I found reference to me on how to channel my negative behavior. A supervisor is expected to assist subordinates in identifying negative behavior characteristics; sometimes I have seen supervisor demonstrated negative behavior toward an employee. I notice how the morale is very low employees do not respect the nurses; they have that don’t care attitude. I know that the supervisors can see this every day. I think the upper management feels if they buy us lunch and treats we will feel appreciated, but it doesn’t work. If my organization would learn how organization is created then they…...

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