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Oraganisationa Change

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Critically evaluate a recent organisational change within your Foundation trust using change theories and draw out the lessons for you as a leader and your organisation.

The purpose of this essay is to critically evaluate a recent change within my team, drawing on theories and models of change. I will then integrate theory with practice by using the models that apply to the change within my team. I will also demonstrate the awareness to leadership issues inherent there in. Finally I will demonstrate the use of reflection during the process of change to draw out lessons for me and my organisation.
Must there be a change? Change is a common thread that runs through all aspects of life; it said that organisation that handles change successfully thrives whilst those that do not may struggle to survive (Mabey and Mayon-White, 2003).They further suggest that the success or failure of a change varies enormously, depending on the nature of the business, the change and the people involved. A crucial factor of the above is, how far people within a change process understands the change (Connor et al, 2003).Bourne and Bourne (2002) express that change, can be external through technological development, social, political and economic pressure. Or internal as management responds, to a range of issues such as changing client needs as in the case of my team. Change can be classified into number of categories depending on the extent of the change it could be organic (bottom up) or driven (top down) (Ackermann, 1997). His classification of change might have been influenced by Lewin’s unfreezing stage. He attest to the fact that change, can be developmental which may either be planned or emergent, seeks to correct the existing aspect of an organisation and transitional change seeks to achieve a known desired state that is different from the existing one.

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