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The Nature of Entrepreneurship
Danielle Norris
Missouri Southern State University

Abstract The two keys to a sustainable social enterprise are the economic factors and the enabling technology. Economic factors are key to the social enterprise because when a social entrepreneur has the economic factors align with their mission it can be huge contribution to it’s success. Enabling technology provide many benefits to the social enterprise such as lowering cost or by creating innovative ways to complete thing that could not have been completed before. Some successful SABE have used the blended approach, which has use both the economic factors and enabling technology as a key factor to their social enterprise.

The Nature of Entrepreneurship The nature of entrepreneurship can seem very attractive to college students and persons who have recently graduated from college. The desire for college students to become entrepreneurs can be link to the attitudes and personal interests of an entrepreneur seeing that they are very similar to the typical college student’s attitude. There is a unique form of entrepreneur that uses their entrepreneurial attitudes and abilities to seek novel ways to solve pressing social problems; this form of entrepreneurship is called social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurs take risk to build social enterprises with the mission to help make lives better. Two keys to a sustainable social enterprise are the economic actors and the enabling technology applied. The Schemerhorn and Bachrach (2015) stated, “The general entrepreneurial profile is of an individual who is self-confident determined, resilient, adaptable and driven by excellence” (pg.142). These personality and characteristics are also relevant to social entrepreneur and the social enterprise, but I will be focusing on the two key elements for a social entrepreneur’s to...

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