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Oral Hygiene Research Paper

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Emylee Symons
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English 12-4A
25 September 2014
Oral Hygiene and Overall Health Dentists and dental hygienists are always telling people, “brush twice a day for two whole minutes and make sure to floss every now and then,” but who really listens to them? It can’t be that important right? Plus, who has time to brush their teeth for two whole minutes, especially on hectic mornings? And who flosses these days?—NO one. Well, maybe everyone would if they knew how important oral health really is and how a healthy mouth affects the rest of the body. In a recent interview, dental hygienist Artina Coon said, “In a nutshell, the mouth is a window to the rest of the body. It can tell you if there is something wrong with your body and vice-versa;
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Most women know that smoking, drinking, not eating healthy and certain health conditions such as hypertension can add tremendously to the risk of preterm labor, but not many know that gum inflammation can also be a factor in preterm labor. Just being pregnant increases the probability of having periodontal inflammation because of hormonal imbalance. Women who take good care of their teeth and gums protect the health of their unborn babies not only by lowering risk of preterm labor, but also by lowering the risk of giving birth to a low weight baby (Conoway). Babies born preterm or at a low weight often have varying health problems including lung disorders, heart conditions, and learning disabilities. Pregnant women should make sure to prevent periodontal disease by making a point to visit their dentist and hygienist and by brushing, flossing, and rinsing daily. The mouth not only affects physical, bodily health, but also the mental self. A good, strong mouth can create confidence in people of every age, gender, and race. Good oral care has also been shown to increase memory and decrease risk for mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s …show more content…
The health of the mouth affects the rest of the body in many ways. It affects patients with diabetes. It affects the heart. It affects pregnant women and their babies. But it affects not only the physical body but the mental body too. Having good gum and mouth health means having more confidence, better memory, and slightly lower risks of getting early-stage Alzheimer’s disease. Everyone has a mouth and needs to take care of it to keep their bodies healthy and even prevent some sicknesses from happening.

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