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Orange-Scented Floorwax

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The researcher found out that the usage of commercial floor wax is required in school and even in our houses. Applying floor wax on wooden or cemented floors maintains its shiny gloss. It also lessens the stain marks or other kinds of damage to the hard word and other flooring. However, buying ready-made floor wax is expensive and has unpleasant smell. The researcher decided to make an environment and economy friendly floor wax which is very affordable and has no unpleasant smell that can give equal equality as the commercial floor waxes can. It is possible to mix raw wax crystals and kerosene with banana peelings or banana leaves extract and orange extract to create a substance that can be used in polishing floors without getting an unpleasant smell. Kerosene’s oil will be used to ensure that the substance would be not so sticky because kerosene counteracts banana peelings’ stickiness. The orange extract will give a pleasant smell. The Homemade floor wax will give an equal quality of commercial products.

Statement of the Problem The researcher aimed to answer if the banana leaves or banana peeling’s and orange extract are effective to be used as an orange scented floor wax. The researcher would also answer the following questions: 1. What are the differences between the “Orange-Scented Homemade Floor wax” and the commercial floor wax? 2. Are there advantages of using “Orange-Scented Homemade Floor wax” instead of using a commercial one? 3. Can the orange extract replace the unpleasant smell of the floor wax?
The researcher would test if the orange extract will work well with the banana peelings and kerosene. The researcher would also test if the homemade floor wax can have the same quality of commercial floor wax. Thus, the researcher believe that the homemade floor wax can have the same quality of...

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