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Orb Spider Summary

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“Orb Spider” by Judith Beveridge Summary

Judith Beveridge’s “Orbs Spider” is about a typical garden spider outside her home that she observes during the day. The poet describes the spider’s activity in detail and the spider’s own perspective on the world that she lives in compared to the human world. The poet gives a subject matter, reveals emotions and does this through tone, technique structure, language structure, and imagery.

One of the main ideas of “Orb Spider” is the comparison of nature to humans. Judith Beveridge notes that as humans, we are so caught up in life such as work and schooling that we have not yet appreciated the small details and the “little things” of natural beauty that we tend to ignore these on a daily basis. We fail to recognise them too. Judith Beveridge sees beauty in nature and she believes that the miniature structure of the spider is didactic and the poet learns to draw attention to the intricacies and small details that life provides her. The poet incorporates the philosophy of mere existence into the poem. “Orb Spider” shows a garden spider and a microcosmically ordered and perfectly structured spider’s web that the spider created. The natural ability of the spider to create such a faultless design in its web is used as a symbol for the innate order existing in the universe. A small detail in nature is chosen, which shows readers an overwhelming truth. It is that despite how small the spider’s world actually is (relating the spider with the galaxy) and it shows that even the smallest of worlds are beautiful too.

The poem can be read with a tranquil emotion. There are no harsh-sounding words to ruin the calming atmosphere presented in the poem. The gentleness throughout the descriptions of the poem also help accentuate the tenderness and appreciation spoken from the poem. There is a sense of harmony and beauty within the...

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