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Oreo Milk Cookies

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Nyein Chan Soe

Oreo milk Cookies
Nyein Chan Soe

Oreo milk Cookies


Company Name * Mondelez Inernational Inc. * (Company website link)

Website link *

Social Media links * Facebook- (40M people like this page) * Twitter- (Followers 723K) * Instagram- (803K followers) * Youtube- (104,99 Subscribers)

Head Office Mondelez International, Inc.
Three Parkway North
lllinois 60015
Phone Number- +1 847 943 4000

1) Products of OREO (Total 64) Nabisco Oreo- Sandwich Cookies
For Single Serve
Convenience Pack
Double Stuf Chocolate
Triple Double Chocolate
Chocolate Mint Creme
Chocolate Berry Creme
Fudge Creme
Nabisco Oreo- Pie Crust

Products from Mondelez Inc

2) Campaign
Oreo got an idea (which was from one of the Oreo’s fans dunking his cookie into milk by using a fork) to create a series of online video called Oreo-branded “hacks” showed some ways about cookie-related product to the customer.

3) The idea was

4) No, the idea was different from the other campaigns.

5) They only use digital media for their idea.

6) It was successful

7) Based on the twitter followers, Oreo has more customers.

8) They create some mobile games for android and apple users to have a better relationship with their products.


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