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Organizational Change and Personal Leadership Development Plan
“A Successful Downsizing: Developing a Culture of Trust and Responsibility”
William Paul Barrett
Dr. Paul Richardson
September 7, 2015


In this collection, the discussion of leadership development plan (LDP) is being explored. This is originated from an author’s point of view. The framework is from the author’s personal leadership experience. Also, included are assessments, skills, various styles, trials and errors and conclusive results. The report concludes with personal thoughts on future development, and evaluating the progress of personal development.

In analyzing specific practices in which a successful project manager apply and exercise his/her leadership roles overall, I discovered that an effective project leader is labeled as a visionary. This vision gives direction on where to go, and the ability to effectively to articulate it in a manner in which the intended audience can comprehend. These individuals vibe off change and being able to establish new boundaries. Once before, a leader was labeled as someone who gives logic and establishes the vision, and spirit to change. These leaders inspire people to feel they have purpose and real interest in the project. Also, they empower individuals to encounter the vision on their own. During this process, there are opportunities that are created with their own vision, exploration with their careers, and lives as well as the vision for the organization. Also, within this process, the ability to communication skills is developed with individuals operating on all levels in various areas. This is labeled as the second most important skill by project managers and fellow team members. However; Project leadership specifies clear communication in regards to goals, responsibility, performance, expectations and...

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