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Erika Garcia Personal Perception of Organized Crime University Of Phoenix CJA/384 04/27/2015

A lot of people have their different viewpoints and perceptions about organize crime. Some people think that just mafia people organize crime; however, a lot of people do not realize that others people contribute to the organization and corruption. Organize crime are not just in mafia and gang world it also happens with politicians and people who suppose to be the ones who are protecting the streets. A lot of people think organize crime are like the movies that show a lot of mobsters that gain their power. In today’s world is nothing like that. My perception was that organize crime is not only mobster; however other people play a role in the contribution and take advantage of the position they have.
Organized crime has change, and it has become something that has been coming from different directions. Organized crime manipulate and monopolize the financial market, corporation. They bring drugs into different cities and engaged in violence and buy off corrupt officials. They use different things to get what they want. They use extortion, intimidated and murder to maintain their business going. They also engaged in prostitution and human trafficking. They con millions each year through various stock frauds and financial scams ( Organized crime is not only mafia member but other people who also take a significant role in doing what they can to get money. My perception was more like violence and selling drugs as being organize crimes. I also knew that there are some government officials that were also a part of it. However, reading the chapter made me realize that there is more to organize crime and there is not only drugs and money. There is a whole operation that affects everyone, and they have their way of doing things. In the reading, it...

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