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Organisatiomal Structure as a 2 Edge Sword

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Impact of strong culture on organizations. Strong organization culture is a two edge sword.
Strong culture is said to exist where employers responds to stimulus of their loyalty to organizational values. Every organization, big or small has a unique identity called culture. Firstly, companies with strong cultures are operating in stable and safe environments. Strong cultures helps organizations to function well or operate like “well-oiled machines” Furthermore having a strong culture, companies can tackle internal and external problems accordingly. For example Ford Motor Company in November 2008 who desperately needed a lifeline. The CEO Alan Mulally completely changed the culture of Ford Motor Company as the culture they had before was weak. To begin with, he stated that weekly meeting was a safe place. Sharing information and asking for help to get ideas was ok. Ford employees was use to Ford as many divisions and subsidiaries but Mulally changed all that into a simple global enterprise. Moreover Ford was not use to building vehicles that the public actually wants. The CEO motivated the employees by telling them to come together as a team and coming up with one plan and sticking to it.
Strong cultures also have a lot of impact on organizations. Its positive impact includes improved alignment between employee behavior and corporate objectives. For instance it provides a clear guideline for action and effective communication between employees which result in fast decision making inside the firm which can result in high stock price income growth and return on investments. Organizations with positive cultures might emphasize innovation and can communicate with their customers efficiently. For example Google’s success is due to its culture of success and employee happiness. Google uses various methods when interviewing new employees. The most popular method is asking...

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