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For every organisation to achieve its goals and objects, it should have a management that aims to perform best at its functions. This is because every organization or business aims at accomplishing the targets set at the stipulated time. This essay will discuss organisational management and the four major functions of management which are planning, organising, leading and controlling. The functions of management will indicate how they can help a company in this case IIL address the challenges its facing as it tries to achieve its long term plan of marketing the company's products and expanding locally and regionally.
Organizational Management is a common management style for modern small businesses. The organizational method allows managers to break down the entire operation of a department into several phases. Dividing operational functions into sections allows management to obtain a clear picture of what the goals of a department are and how to implement the goals most effectively. It also allows managers to respond rapidly to factors that affect the internal or external expectations of company (quote). according to .............. organisation of management is also defined as...............................
Organisational management is also defined as the process of planning, organising, leading and controlling resources within the entity with the overall aim of achieving its objectives.
Planning is the management function that involves setting goals and deciding how to best achieve them. Setting goals and developing plans helps the organization to move in a focused direction while operating in an efficient and effective manner. Long-range planning essentially is the same as strategic planning; both processes evaluate where the organization is and where it hopes to be at some future point....

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