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Organizasional Quality and Perfomance Management (M3)

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1. Executive Summary

BT as a company has its roots set in the right ground when they committed to quality delivery. The organizations success is due to the Keizen approach and how they keep the employees involved in the changes or amendment or the organizations processes and procedures.

Figure 1: The 4-P cycle of continuous improvement

There is however minor improvements on their approach to the TQM / BEM models.

They should make use of the balance score card to measure their performance against it. This could quantify and qualify their success and be measured.
There are five elements to strategy that they must take into account:
1. Sustainable decisions: what is to be done?
2. Processes and projects to deliver strategy: How is it to be done?
3. Competitive advantage: Why it must be done?
4. Exploitation of connections between the organization and its environment: Why it must be done?
5. Vision: When and with what result?

A common solution to problem that might be experience should be to implement the following attributes to ensure a successful organisation:

1. Effective leadership;
2. Emphasis on customer requirements;
3. Commitment to continuous improvement;
4. Learning and growth strategy;
5. Human resource development;
6. Quality assurance system; and
7. Effective information systems.

2. Questions

2.1 What role has the Quality Management System and the ISO 9001 standard played in BT`s total quality journey?

BT has committed itself to quality in 1986. That commitment rewarded BT with numerous quality awards.
BT chose TQM as means of focusing on customer requirements as well as encouraging team work.
Defining TQM
"TQM is a management approach for an organization, centered on quality, based on the participation of all its members and aiming at long-term success through customer satisfaction, and benefits to all...

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