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Organization and Administration of Community Based Corrections

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Organization and Administration of Community-Based Corrections The state of Connecticut has many probation and community-based corrections services that help make sure the laws are followed. With a population of 3.5 million people, Connecticut’s crime rate is somewhat lower than the national average of other states (“U.S Census Bureau”; 2010). The lower crime rate comes from the hard work by every judicial agency in the state of Connecticut that helps make sure that justice is served. The cooperation of those agencies together help Connecticut maintain an environment that is safe for the community.
Adult Probation in Connecticut stands alone. There are many states that have come together with private probation services due to the increase in probationers and the number of workers available to supervise (Alarid, p.106, 2008). Connecticut was one of the states that came together with a private probation service to handle cases that only needed lower level supervision (Alarid, p.106, 2008). The people working for the private probation services had no physical contact with the probationers of the low level cases, but they did help by keeping track of agreements of community service and by taking care of the paperwork for each case (Alarid, p.106, 2008).With the private probation services assistance it allowed the state probation office to focus on the cases of the high risk probationers (Bosco, 1998).
According to criminal law, correctional system is a group of government agencies that regulates prisons and also the parole system within a jurisdiction. Connecticut’s correctional system is organized as a statewide agency (“administration, organization, and responsibilities", 2009). This means that the correctional system can be found in many cities all over the state of Connecticut. Some of those cities would include: Enfield, Cheshire, and Bridgeport....

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