Organization Design Paper

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Organization Design Paper
HCS 514
Jefferson Nursing Home is a small organization that is operated out of downtown Philadelphia. This organization takes care of the elderly and the young. We have some elderly that is there because of old age and some that is recovering from surgery and need rehab. There are young people that attend the nursing home because they could have been in an accident t or had surgery that requires them to get back on their feet to join others in society. For the internal, there are about 280 employees that handle patients on a day-to-day basis. There is almost 100 register nurses, 20 doctors, 10 medical assistances and the rest is for other office workers that handle paperwork on the whole facility. There is the billing department, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, records, legal, and maintenance. The external Jefferson Nursing Home, there is transportation and outpatient care.
The internal organization has many different forms but one major department is therapy. Most of the people that are admitted to the nursing home need some kind of therapy to continue on in life. Physical therapy is the main part to healing the mind and the body. “Physical Therapy involves treatment in strengthening, mobility, healing, pain treatment, and equipment use to recover from broken bones, strokes, surgeries, heart and cancer treatment, pain issues, dementia complications and a wide variety of medical issues related to aging and/or disability with a wide variety of modalities.” (Alamo Nursing Home, 2007) Physical therapy takes time and patients for the healing process to be done right. With some people, the healing process can take longer than expected, especially with the older generation and diabetes. “Physical therapy aids people who are recovering from injury or a disease by making them stronger, relieving their pain…...