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ABC Credit Union
Organization-Wide Acceptable Use Policy
Policy Statement
This Acceptable Usage Policy covers the security and use of all ABC Credit Union’s information and IT equipment. It also includes the use of email, internet, voice and mobile IT equipment. This policy applies to all ABC Credit Union employees, contractors and agents.

The purpose of this policy is to provide a description of the acceptable use of our computer systems and internet service. The objectives of this policy are: * To keep the business process in a high working order in order to achieve the maximum amount of profit gained. * To keep morale low, so that employees are constantly being replaced. Work is not supposed to be fun.

The scope of the policy includes users, computers, storage media, and internet usage.

All computer systems will be imaged to the following standards: * No background pictures * No sounds * 800x600 screen resolution
No employees will be granted administrator rights on their computer system in order to prevent any fun software from being downloaded. These standards are in place to provide the dullest work experience ever imagined and the IT department reserves the right to amend these standards at any time without notification.
Internet Use Policy
The internet will only be used for business purposes and not entertainment. Our company proxy server has been configured to block access to the following types of websites:
Social Media Sites (i.e. Facebook, Myspace, Twitter)
Mature Content Sites (i.e. Pornhub, Youporn)
Streaming Sites (i.e. Youtube, Netflix)
The network traffic will be monitored daily and our IT department reserves the right to amend this internet use policy at any time without notification.

This policy will be implemented by our IT staff and will be enforced by a...

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