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When identifying leadership skills, one must that although no two companies are alike and it may seem they would work the same way, they are managed differently. To understand that there are many forms of leadership, this paper will consider a few different types and explain why one is better than the others.

The Coaching Style Of Leadership
A great coach is definitely a leader who also possess a unique gifts ability to teach and train.
The Exchange Style
Sometimes known as leader-member exchange, the style involves the exchange of favors between two individuals. An exchange can be hierarchical between the boss and subordinate or occur between two individuals of equal status. For this leadership style to work, you need to know how to develop, maintain and repair relationships.
The Laissez Faire Leadership Style
The style is largely a "hands off" view that tends to minimize the amount of direction and face time required. Works well if you have highly trained, highly motivated direct reports.
Strategic Leadership
This is practiced by the military services such as the US Army, US Air Force, and many large corporations. It stresses the competitive nature of running an organization and being able to out fox and out wit the competition.
The Participative Leadership Style
It's hard to order and demand someone to be creative, perform as a team, solve complex problems, improve quality, and provide outstanding customer service. The participative style presents a happy medium between over controlling (micromanaging) and not being engaged and tends to be seen in organizations that must innovate to prosper
Do You Need Charisma?
Transformational leaders need a bit of charisma. Butif you are in a large bureaucratic organization, you can use your authority, and the power associated with the position. Indeed, most people we find in...

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