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Case Study Analysis: Violent or Forcible Assaults

Ashley Smallwood

Strayer University

The case study analysis: Violent or Forcible Assaults talks about prison inmates being raped while being imprisoned. During these rapes, the prisoners or inmates are subject to violent forceful sexual attacks. Many of these attacks are often leave the prisoner with concussions, broken bones, deep wounds, and other serious injuries. While these rapes are reported, many of them were overlooked or not investigated because of the amount of reported cases and no evidence to prove the allegations. During these attacks on prisoners, there was only one case reported that turn into a deadly situation in Texas. Another case was reported about prison rape and brought the victim and his rapist into the same room together. As a result of this confrontation the prisoner was subject to more rape and almost killed while in front of other prisoners in the day room.
Inmates have later reported that there have been gang rapes that consisted of them being held down against their will and raped by four and up to eight perpetrators. Prisoners say during that time they would be threatened by a weapon and verbal threats of killing them if they would not corporate or tell authorities. Inmates being assaulted against their will can be found in most any area, however, the main areas are found in inmate sleeping areas. Showers, bathrooms, and other areas that allow more privacy are also where they are subject to occur.
According to the definition prison are long-time confinement facilities designed to hold those who have been sentenced to serve time for committing crimes. Prisons today are largely classified according to security level, such as maximum, medium, and minimum security. The person of a prisoner sentenced to imprisonment in the State prison is under the protection of the law…...