Organizational Beliefs

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Organizational Beliefs
Day Care Facilities

Every organization has its own way of handling management. Whether it comes to staff, structure, finances or order; management and leadership are the key reasoning behind a great running business. My name is Seirra Griest and I am a group Assistant Supervisor for a day care facility in Pennsylvania called Pre-K Kids Learning Center, for age’s infants to 8 years old. We have a successful business because we have happy workers with great communication. We also have good origination when it comes to meetings and keeping to the schedule for teaching. However, I do think there are some things that could be improved to make the business more successful. For example, suspension to employees, penalties for absence’s, better commitment to paperwork, and separate class rooms will help improve the facility and make for a better business. I enjoy the company I work for and if I could stay there throughout my career it would be great; if I had to choose somewhere else to work it would still be working with kids.
If an employee shows no emotion for the job, doesn’t try, and repeats the same negative action, they should be on a suspension or fired. For example, tardiness, absence, anger, and ignorance are a few of the many ways of not succeeding as a good employee. I think if an employee has no enthusiasm to do their job they should pick a new career. It is unfair for a worker to get paid the same amount or more as an employee who actually works and likes their job.
There should be penalties and charges for parents that abuse the system. For example, when a parent repeatedly brings their child to the day care facility when they were not scheduled or does not bring a child when they are on the schedule, it takes time and money to properly staff the facility with the right amount of employees. If a parent repeatedly does the same…...

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