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Organizational Bihaviour

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Examination Paper Semester I: Organizational Behaviour
IIBM Institute of Business Management
IIBM Institute of Business Management
Semester-1 Examination Paper MM.100
Organizational Behaviour
Section A: Objective Type (30 marks)

This section consists of Multiple Choice & Short Notes type Questions.
Answer all the questions.
Part One carries 1 mark each & Part two carries 5 marks each.
Part one:

Multiple choices:
1. It is the degree to which a person identifies with a particular organization and its goals, & wishes to maintain membership in the organization
a. Job involvement
b. Terminal value
c. Attitude
d. Value

a. Job involvement

2. _________ means moving information from the hidden area to the open area
a. blind area
b. unknown area
c. public area
d. self disclosure

d. self disclosure

3. An approach in which the goals of one party are in direct conflict with the goals of the other party
a. Negotiation
b. Distributive bargaining
c. Stress
d. None

Ans. Negotiations

4. The measure of a person’s ability to operate within business organizations through social communication & interactions
a. Transactional analysis
b. Interpersonal skill
c. Life position
d. Johari window

Ans. b. interpersonal skill

5. Where the source of power is in person’s control over rewarding outcomes, that power is called
a. Coercive power
b. Referent power
c. Legitimate power
d. Reward power

Ans. d. Reward power

Examination Paper Semester I: Organizational Behaviour
IIBM Institute of Business Management

6. It means melting resistance to change; the people who will be affected by the change come to accept the need for it
a. Organization
b. Unfreezing
c. Changing
d. Refreezing

Ans. b. Unfreezing

7. This training is also known as laboratory training, encounter groups & T-groups
a. Sensitivity...

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