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Organizational Conflicts

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Organization Conflicts within the Clayton County Board of Education
Course Project Outline
GM 591
21 June 2011 *


I. Introduction

The organization that will be focused on is the Clayton County Board of Education. The board consists of nine citizens who are elected by the community. The Clayton County Board of Education is responsible for the programs, finances, education, employment, and other policies within Clayton County Public Schools (CCPS). CCPS is a school district located in Jonesboro, Georgia. The system is the fifth largest school district in Georgia and is comprised of over 50,000 students. The district is considered a Title 1 school because of its high percentage of low-income families (SACS Report).. Although the district receives government grants and various allocations to improve school conditions, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) revoked accreditation for the district in 2008. The Clayton County Public School system was the third school district to lose accreditation in over forty years (SACS Report). As a resident of Georgia, it is important the school systems are effective and can adequately educate children. I have family and friends that live throughout the state of Georgia. The loss of accreditation hinders children and their education. Students attending CCPS faced difficulty being accepted into colleges and universities. They also faced dilemmas retaining various scholarships. Not only were students affected, but teachers lost benefits and the district had to forfeit government funding. Through investigation, the SACS found that the Clayton County Board of Education is flawed.

II. Problem Statement
Even before the accreditation was revoked for CCPS, the organization leading the schooling system was falling apart. The SACS interviewed board members, school officials and...

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