Organizational Culture and Its Effect on Employees

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Organizational Culture and Its Effect on Employees

The organizational culture of a company can have a significant impact on the attitudes of employees. The culture of an organization is the foundation that sets the tone for all interactions with the company, including the day to day activities of its agent (the employee). The perceptions and attitudes of an employee are influenced by the tone set by the organization. It is this foundation upon which rests the success (or failure) of the company. When assessing the impact of an organization’s culture, one must look at the positive and negative impact culture has on the internal environment and, by extension, the employees of that organization.
The culture of a company can have both positive and negative effects on the internal environment of the organization and appear to be interrelated. Generally speaking, if a corporate culture is positive, the internal and external environment will be positive. A positive culture promotes innovation, team work and personal accountability. The positive culture is not just in written form, it is implemented, even tangible. “An organization that is able to maintain a positive culture is likely to enjoy many benefits. When organization members identify with the culture, the work environment tends to be more enjoyable, which boosts morale. This leads to increased levels of teamwork, sharing of information, and openness to new ideas.” (Golnaz & Lees, 2001). A company with a positive internal environment will likely promote continuous improvement, encourage employee involvement, reward contributions, make sound decisions, have a strong change management program and will generally see higher rates of customer and employee satisfaction (Clampitt 2010).

No one wants to work for or do business with a company that does not value/recognize employee contributions, is slow…...