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Organizational Philosophies and Technology Paper

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Organizational Philosophies and Technology Paper
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Timothy Alexander
September 24, 2012

Organizational Philosophies and Technology Paper
With the constant changes in technology, it presents more opportunities and challenges for organizations around the world. Technology has definitely changed the way we do business. The advancement in technology has offered new ideas for businesses to monitor employee progress and standards.. Companies need to implement supreme standards that promote unity, coherence, and co-operation between fundamental organizational proceedings and ethical codes of conduct. They need to utilize accessible technology to allow for the corporation to demonstrate and enforce moral and ethical standards with more ease.
Upholding strict standards of ethics is what fosters common belief and practice in other morals such as responsibility, honesty, trust, and equality for all. Organizations are each unique in their operations, and therefore they will need to create a code of conduct best suited to their specific demands. This will allow the employees to have clearer cut guidelines to be able to better evaluate their actions in different scenarios. This is not always fool proof; it can still be taxing at times to enforce even ethical standards that are established. Ethical codes set the foundation for all business proceedings, relations, and revenue. In the company’s ethical code it should establish guidelines for topics such as use of internet/company electronics, customer interaction, general conduct, employee relations, and social expectations of employees and the organization as a whole.
There are more and more organization that uses technology to monitor their employee communication and their productivity. Technology helps establish ethical standards in the work place by implementing a forum where the...

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