Organizational Structure of Kudler's Fine Foods

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The organizational structure of Kudler Fine Foods

Kudler Fine Food’s organization is made up of groups of management personnel to meet one common goal and that is satisfaction to customers, along with profitable outcomes. The number one intent being for the consumer. An organization is a group made up of people to achieve “strategic goals”. (Mejia 2002) Structure is the network in which tasks are delegated and coordinated using policy and procedures, all to reach the specific business goals. (Mejia 20002) It establishes the authoritative role of each individual that then makes up the chain of command.
Kudler Fine Food has a chain of commands, all of which, individually have a specific set of responsibilities. A set of ideas and plans come from the top chain of command, in this case Kathy Kudler, president of this said organization. Its tier stands vertically, with several levels of management. (Mejia 2002.) A total of three stores make up several frameworks of organizational structure. For example, the president works closely with each store’s manager. Each store utilizes it own hierarchy beneath the individual store manager which then continues to branch into the departmental management within each store. Therefore, serving many levels of management. This form of organizational structure is known as mechanistic. It is utilized in this particular cooperation to meet the common need of consumer. Every employ has their job description and collaboration to form a functional and structured plan. Each person has a defined role to be an expert in there role as a Kudler employ. The business runs solely on the approval and authority of Kath Kudler. In other words, Kudler Foods is geared in a centralized manner. This organizational structure is derived from functional structure, which means everyone’s role is important to the common business goal. (Mejia…...